GF Vegan Spanish Tortilla

Prep & Cooking Time: 30 mins

Living in Spain, Tortilla Español is a staple dish here, whether it’s a slither on top of crusty bread for tapas; or served whole as a main.

Traditionally the potatoes are cooked in olive oil; but if you are Spanish, please don’t read any further 😉 … I normally boil my potatoes in water first & then slice them to include in the tortilla to reduce the oil content.. 🤫

This vegan version of the tradition Spanish egg recipe, uses garbanzo flour (chickpea or gram flour) & tastes delicious. Therefore it’s naturally gluten free too.

Below is the veganised recipe for this traditional Spanish dish. I always add lightly sautéd onions, as it adds to the flavour. You can also add cooked spinach, red peppers or vegan chorizo (or add your own inspiration).

I always leave mine until the next day to allow flavours to permeate & reduce any chickpea flour dryness.


🇪🇸 Olive or vegetable oil for cooking

🇪🇸 1/2 large onion, finely chopped (I sauté mine to soften first)

🇪🇸 1/2 large onion, finely chopped (I sauté mine to soften first)

🇪🇸 1.5-2 lbs potatoes, peeled & boiled (see notes above) & then sliced into about 1/4 inch slices

🇪🇸 7 tbsp chickpea flour

🇪🇸 1/8 tsp turmeric or paella colouring

🇪🇸 1 cup water

🇪🇸 You can add Kala Namak (Himalayan black salt) if you wish for egginess but I don’t usually bother

🇪🇸 Other optional ingredients include cooked (& blotted with kitchen paper to reduce liquid) spinach; Sautéd Kale ribbons (shown below) sautéd red peppers or vegan chorizo (not GF)

Spinach Potato Tortilla

Disclaimer: As I said, traditionally the potato slices are cooked in olive oil until soft. Cooking them separately in boiling water is MY preference to reduce the oil content, but not traditional.


I always find it is better eaten the next day to let the flavour permeate & moister so that it is not too dry. Enjoy!

1. Make up the chickpea flour, water & seasoning batter & set aside to thicken

2. Sauté the onions

3. Slice the cooked potatoes, Add sufficient oil to the pan & add to the sautéd onions to warm through.

4. Make sure the oil hasn’t been absorbed (add a little more if so). Add the chickpea batter mix to the pan & ensure it covers all of the potatoes & onions completely by ‘agitating’ with a fork.

5. Cook one side until it has ‘set’ (be careful not to burn).

6. Traditionally a plate is put over the pan to turn the omelette & then slid in to cook the other side (make sure you add more oil if looking dry).

Quick Hack ⬆️ If you are concerned re turning the omelette (especially as it looks a little wet), then out under the grill to set slightly before turning.

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