Traditional Sangria & Tropical Sangria – Spain

Approx Time to Make: 10 mins

Spanish Sangria– it’s one of Spain’s most popular yet misunderstood drinks!

Tourists love it, locals tend to drink it very rarely … But why?

Sangria is a heavy drink, with not only red wine, but usually brandy. It’s also fruit laden, so the Spanish tend only to drink it on holiday, or special occasions …

The history of sangria is pretty straightforward — when the Romans inhabited the Iberian Peninsula over 2,000 years ago they planted a lot of grapes to make wine. At this time water wasn’t always safe to drink, so it was common practice to fortify it by adding some alcohol to kill off the bacteria.

Sangria Recipe Traditional Ingredients:

🍷1 bottle of red wine
🍷2 oranges
🍷½ lemon
🍷1 apple
🍷2 peaches
🍷1 glass of brandy or orange liqueur such as Cointreau
🍷1 liter of orange soda such as Fanta or just Soda water
🍷1 cinnamon stick (optional)

🍷 Some bars add sugar

Tropical Sangria Recipe:

I live on the Costa Tropical, which grows all those beautiful tropical fruits, so….
… here’s my Tropical Sangria Recipe


🍷1 bottle of red wine
🍷2 oranges
🍷 ½ lemon ½ lime
🍷Mango chopped
🍷 Papaya chopped
🍷 Pomegranate juice
🍷½ orange liqueur
🍷 1 liter of soda

If you want something lighter & more popular with locals … Please see my Tinto de Verano Recipe

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