GF Vegan Frittata

Approx Time to Make: 40 mins

I’ve finally perfected the Frittata recipe I’ve been experimenting with for a little while. This gorgeous version is oven baked in a flan dish lined with baking paper

This Frittata is bursting with seasonal veggies I had left over from a tray bake yesterday.

It’s Just like a mini quiche without pastry.
It will be the perfect item to make several of, to keep in the fridge for my detox starting in the next couple of weeks.


‘Omlette’ batter:
🍳¼ cup Chickpea Flour
🍳¼ teaspoon Tumeric
🍳1 tablespoon Nutritional Yeast
🍳¼ teaspoon Kala Namak Black salt to give the egg flavour
🍳 Seasoning
πŸ³β…“ cup Water at room temperature

Mix the above ingredients together & let the battle mix rest whilst you prepare the veggies.

If making from scratch & not left over veggies –
sautΓ© the following in Avocado Oil & water

πŸ₯’ Half small onion finely diced
πŸ₯’ 1/4 courgette diced
πŸ₯’ Small piece red pepper diced
πŸ₯’ 5 button mushrooms
πŸ₯’ Herbs
πŸ₯’ Garlic powder
πŸ₯’ Seasoning

Tip the cooked veggies into the batter & mix to cover.  Line a flan dish & pour the mix.

I baked mine for 25 mins on a medium heat, but check with a knife to see if its set, depending on your oven & dish.

Tags: – Egg Free – Gluten Free – Grain Free – Low Fat – Low Sugar – Soya Free – Dairy Free – World Flavours

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