GF Thai Red Curry Hummus

Approx Time to Make: 15 mins

(The timing doesn’t include rehydrating & cooking chickpeas as you can also use tinned or frozen).

It’s raining here in Spain today, so I’m day-dreaming of past adventures & recreating flavours of Thailand in my hummus bowl.

This is my favourite hummus flavour made with vegan Thai Red Curry Paste (always check for hidden Ingredients such as Nam Pla). I usually swap tahini for peanut butter giving the Thai spices a delicious peanutty hit.

Hummus base ingredients:

🌶️ Rehydrated chickpeas cooked in veggie stock (you can also use tinned/frozen)
🌶️ Save some veggie stock to replace the usual olive oil if like me you prefer oil free
🌶️ 1 clove Garlic pressed
🌶️ Seasoning
🌶️ Lime or Lemon Juice

Additional Ingredients:
🌶️ Peanut Butter (grain free) or Tahini
🌶️ Red Thai Curry paste (Vegan)

I’ve decorated my hummus with fresh mango & pomegranate; chilli and Corriander.

Tags: Asian Food – Comfort Food – Dairy Free – Detox – Gluten Free – Grain Free – Low Fat – Low Sugar – Soya Free – Thai Food

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