Chilled Salmorejo Soup

Preparation Time: 15-20 mins

I didn’t plant tomatoes, they must be the discarded seeds of our previous owner’s Tomato plants from last year, as they are sprouting in an unruly manner everywhere.

What to make with a bumper crop of ripe tomatoes?
Why my favourite classical Spanish recipe of Salmorejo chilled soup of course.

Salomorejo is a cousin of gazpacho, but personally I think it is less acidic, as it doesn’t include onion or peppers (or cucumber).

It’s just Tomatoes, Olive Oil, Garlic & Bread & dates back to when the Arabs first came from Africa to invade Andalucia, Spain (from 711-1492) bringing supplies with them to make a nutritious drink with whatever fruit they could find along the way.

It tastes fruity & creamy (the addition of oil & bread) & is best served in small portions. Usually topped with chopped Serano ham & egg, I’ve used seeds instead. I’ve also used GF bread.


  • 8 Medium/large ripe fresh tomatoes
  • 1 medium sized long roll or large bap
  • 1/2-1 cup of quality Olive Oil (depends on your preference)
  • 1 Clove garlic (or powdered)
  • Splash of Sherry Vinegar (or sub red wine vinegar)
  • Pinch of Salt

Note: Quantities are a bit non specific… I use a medium/large roll, but only half the oil as don’t like too much.

** To make #GlutenFree ensure you chose appropriate gf bread


1. Blend everything until smooth & creamy. 2. Chill in the fridge

3. Serve with vegan topping of your choice. Nuts/seeds are healthy; chopped tomato & herbs; or my favourite: crispy onion topping!

Serve chilled on a sunny patio!

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