Refined Sugar Free – Protein PackedVegan Chocolate Mousse

This Vegan Chocolate Mousse uses Refined Sugar Free Vegan Dark Chocolate, which includes #Stevia not sugar (I use the Spanish brand Valor)

Two out of three of the ingredients might be a surprise: Silken Tofu & Aquafaba.
It’s absolutely delicious believe me 🤤

This month I’ve been busy researching diabetes. because until recently, it’s an area of health, I knew little about 🤔 Numbers of Type 2 appear to be on the increase worldwide.

“Using pure stevia preparations in relatively small amounts should have no significant effect on blood glucose levels”. However Stevia can sometimes be blended with other sweetening agents, so it is best to double-check the ingredients (& effects) on the wrapper.


This really is a rich indulgent dessert – perfect for get togethers with friends.

🍫200g Suitable Vegan Chocolate – I used Stevia sweetened

🍫550g Silken Tofu

🍫3 Tbs Aquafaba (chickpea water)


1) Melt chocolate in a bain marie or microwave

2) blend tofu & aquafaba together with a food processor or whisk, until light & creamy

3) Add melted chocolate to tofu mix & fold in until combined

4) Divide into suitable small pots & chill

5) Decorate & serve

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