Black Bean & Chickpea Burger

Approx Time to Make: 30 mins

Recently, I’ve been experimenting with different wholefood vegan burger recipes, specifically aimed at allergy free ingredients. This one is #grainfree #glutenfree & #soyfree

I always have containers of chilli black beans in the freezer, as I cook batches in bulk from rehydrated dried beans. You can easily use tinned beans for this recipe; however, be sure to drain them well as tinned are usually mushier.

The cooking time shown above, assumes you have ready prepared black beans, or you are using tinned.

However, I have also added my recipe for ‘Black Beans in Chilli Sauce’, should you wish to cook up some batches (add extra time accordingly).

Black Beans in Chilli Sauce:

πŸ” 287g cooked rehydrated black beans Soak overnight, rinse & cook in water with the following:

πŸ” 2 cups vegan Meaty or Vegetable Stock
πŸ” 1-2 small cloves Garlic (pressed)
πŸ” 1/2 TBS Tomato Puree
πŸ” 1/2 TSP Chilli powder (more if you like them spicy)
πŸ” 1/2 TSP Garam Powder
πŸ” 1/2 TSP pure Cocoa

Burger Recipe: Makes 8-10 patties (Ideal for freezing)


πŸ” Approx 250g (1 1/2 cups) cooked Black Beans *
πŸ” Approx 250g (1 1/2 cups)) cooked Chickpeas *

* The above quantities are based on 400g/15 ounces tin which yields about 250g beans/chickpeas once drained.

Extra Ingredients:
πŸ” 1 TSP dried oregano or mixed herbs
πŸ” Seasoning
πŸ” Onion powder
πŸ” Garlic powder


1) Before blending ingredients, drain the Chickpeas thoroughly & pat dry with kitchen paper.

2) Use a slotted spoon to put black beans in the food processor. Shake the spoon well, so the excess sauce drains off (use for something else) but the beans retain a coating of the chilli seasoned sauce only.

3) Blend the bean/chickpea mix roughly

4) Add seasoning to the mixture & then blend once more. Taste & ensure it’s to your liking.

5) If the mixture is too wet (you may find this if using all tinned ingredients), add a little Chickpea flour (or ground Oats) until it is more manageable & place in fridge for 5 mins to absorb.

6) Shape into 8-10 patties & place in fridge for an hour to chill.

7) I shallow fried mine in a little avocado oil (or light olive oil). They should turn without breaking.  You could also try oven baking them on parchment paper.

I’m keen to experiment with more allergy free recipes πŸ‘πŸ»

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