Tofu Amok Curry – Cambodia

Approx Time to Make: 45 mins

Recently, I posted one of my favourite travel memories: a cooking experience in Cambodia …

‘Sitting Cross legged in a sun shelter; in the middle of a rice field; with no-one around; cooking Amok Curry, Spring Rolls & Pumpkin pudding on a log fire; using washing up bowls & a pestle & mortar; with Ben, Nana & his cousin.

I’ve always wanted to recreate that experience with vegan ingredients; so here it is.

Recipe Ingredients:

Firstly I made a chilli paste from the following ingredients.

🌶️3 Tbsp lemongrass chopped
🌶️4 mint leaves chopped
🌶️1 Tbsp ginger fresh, minced
🌶️1 shallot minced
🌶️2 garlic cloves sliced
🌶️1 red chili sliced thinly, seeds removed
🌶️1 tsp turmeric ground
🌶️1/2 tsp sea salt
🌶️1 Tbsp water
🌶️1 Tbsp coconut milk
🌶️1-2 tsp maple syrup, agave or similar sweetner
🌶️1/4 tsp milled pepper

Traditionally this would be ground into a paste, in a pestle & mortar, but I used a blender.

Additional Ingredients:

🌶️Soy Sauce

🌶️Tin of coconut milk



🌶️Pickled cucumber

🌶️ Fresh Corriander

My chilli was rather hot, so be careful. 

Normally Amok would include fish sauce (Nam Pla) so  I added soy sauce instead.

Next I added a tin of coconut milk. It needed a little more salt & tumeric for colour & I reduced it all to a thick creamy sauce. 

I served with pickled cucumber & a lemongrass infused brown rice. 

Originally, we made banana leaf bowls & filled them with uncooked curry, then cooked them over a open log fire 🔥 This time, I used a wok.

Tags: Asian Food – Cambodian Food – Comfort Food – Dairy Free – Fish free – Gluten Free

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