GF Vegan Pad Thai – Thailand

Approx Time to Make: 45 mins

Pad Thai has always been a favourite of ours, both on our trips to Thailand (or at home). It can easily be veganised & a great way to revive those holiday memories.

I’ve posted the recipe before, but this time it came out rainbow coloured, purely because of the veggies I had in the fridge. Maybe it’s a sign to brighten up the gloomy days of January.


1) Scramble a small block of crumbled tofu with seasoning & a little tumeric for colour (add Kala Namak if you want eggy flavour) then set aside

* I only had 1/2 a block of tofu to scramble, so I sautéd some tempeh chunks (in some of the marinade) in addition.

2) Prepare the veggies. I used:
👉🏻1 Onion finely sliced
👉🏻2 Carrots chopped into thin batons
👉🏻Red Pepper thinly sliced
👉🏻Shredded Cabbage (I only had purple 💜)

3) Make the marinade:
👉🏻3 cloves garlic crushed
👉🏻2-3 TBS water/veg stock
👉🏻agave to sweeten
👉🏻2 TBS of soy sauce (better if you can find Tamari sauce)
👉🏻Juice of half lime
👉🏻chilli paste to your liking (or Sriracha),

4) Prepare the Garnish:
👉🏻Lime slices
👉🏻Crushed Peanuts
👉🏻Chopped Coriander
👉🏻chopped & spliced Spring Onion


5) Stir fry vegetables to your liking

6) As veggies are almost ready, cook noodles in pan of boiling water & strain. 

7) Add marinade to veggies & stir 

8) Add scramble tofu & stir, then 

9) Add noodles & ensure they are mixed well. 

10) Plate & garnish 👍


Tags: Asian Food – Comfort Food – Dairy Free – Egg Free – Fish free – Low Fat – Low Sugar – Meat Alternative – Thai Food, World Flavours

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