Vegan Croquetas de Puerro (Potato & Leek Croquettes)

Approx Time to Make: 45 mins

What encapsulates holiday memories full of sunshine & the sound of a gentle lapping clear warm sea, than a selection of Spanish Tapas? A what better to revive those memories with friends by sharing a selection of vegan tapas dishes?


🥬1 large leek Sautéed
🥬1 large potato cooked & mashed
🥬 2 tsps mixed herbs
🥬2 Tbsp olive oil to saute
🥬1.5 tsp sea salt
🥬few shakes of ground nutmeg

Flouring & breadcrumbing:
🥬3 oz flour for flouring
🥬1 vegan egg with a little milk (for egg wash) I used flax
🥬oil for frying the croquettes


1. Cook & mash the potato with a little vegan butter
2. Finely dice the leek & sauté in a little oil
3. Add the mash potato, sautéed leek, herbs, salt & nutmeg into a large bowl & mix together thoroughly
4. Form into croquette shapes, roll in a little flour
5. Put the croquettes in the fridge to rest whilst you :
6. Mix up a vegan egg – ground flax works well
7. Set up a bowl with the vegan egg, another with the breadcrumbs & lastly an empty plate, so you have a production line
8. Once the croquettes have cooled, remove them from the fridge & put them at the beginning of the production line.
9. Taking one croquette at a time, dip in the egg wash, roll in the crumb & then place on the empty plate. Repeat until they are all breadcrumbed.
10. Shallow fry until they are golden

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