Rice Pudding Two Ways: Rum n’ Raisin & Traditional Arroz Con Leche

Approx Time to Make: 15 mins

My mum used to open a tin of rice pudding on days we came home from school ‘starvin’. At weekends she would sometimes make us a homemade one topped with cinnamon.

In summer, my favourite ice-cream flavour used to be rum & raisin, so… Could I combine the two comfort foods into one dish?

So here is my fusion version, using the locally made rum @ronmontero_es along side the traditional Spanish rice pudding ‘Arroz con Leche’ dessert (which is served cold).

Rum and Raisin Rice Pudding along side traditional Spanish Arroz con Leche

🥃🍇Rum & Raisin Rice Pudding:

This deliciously boozy Rice Pudding is made with Basmati Rice, a tin of coconut milk, coconut sugar & a cap of locally brewed rum. It’s topped with a syrup made with dates & raisins.

Rum & Raisin Syrup:
I simmered some rum & hot water for 5 minutes to cook off the alcohol. I then turned off the heat & added dried dates & raisins (to rehydrate & soften the fruit) . I then puréed the fruit in a little of the liquid to form a syrup. This was a little too sweet for my liking, so I added a little lime juice.

It’s decorated with raisins (& orange zest for colour).

🇪🇸Arroz Con Leche:

This is a traditional Spanish dessert normally made with condensed milk & served chilled. However, my veganised version is not only dairy free, but contains less sugar & fat than the traditional.

🥣1 cup of short grain rice
🥣(Arroz Bomba) I used leftover Basmati
🥣1-2 wide slices of lemon rind
🥣1 stick of cinnamon
🥣1 tsp of ground cinnamon
🥣Pinch of salt
🥣1 ltr of 🌱 milk
🥣Sugar to taste (the Spanish like their desserts sweet but I don’t. I used coconut sugar but it has discoloured the rice a little)

Simmer until thick & creamy. You can always add some plant creme if you want it extra creamy 😋

Arroz con Leche

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