GF Orange & Cranberry Drizzle

Gluten Free – Vegan

Preparation Time: 15-20 mins

Cooking Time: Approx 1 hr Heat: 180°/160° fan Gas 4

This recipe is for a Bundt tin size 22cm diameter by 10cm high. If you are using a smaller loaf tin or similar, you will need to scale the recipe down.

This is my lightest & fluffiest gluten free bake yet!

This recipe uses a blend of rice, quinoa, oat & chickpea flours combined with ground almonds. If you have a preferred blend then use your own.

To reduce refined sugars, I’ve used coconut sugar in the cake, but it does have icing sugar in the glaze.

** You may want to try another gluten free flour or refined sugar alternative that you have experience baking with.



Wet Ingredients:

🍊 150g dairy-free margarine 

🍊 150ml Olive oil

🍊 300ml plant milk

🍊 Juice of 1 orange/ 2 Satsumas

🍊 Handful of dried cranberries soaked in the orange juice for a minimum of 1 hour

🍊 300g coconut sugar or a sweetner of your choice

Dry Ingredients:

🍊 400g Gluten Free flour (I used the following blend: 200g rice, 100g quinoa, 50g chickpea & 50g oat flours)

🍊 4 TSP Baking Powder

🍊 1 TSP Bicarbonate of Soda

🍊 100g Ground Almonds

🍊 pinch salt

🍊 Zest of 2 oranges (* the juice of one goes in the cake & the juice of 2nd in the glaze)

Orange drizzle & glaze ingredients:

🍊 Juice of the 2nd lemon

🍊 Sufficient Icing sugar to form thickish glaze


1) Grease & flour your cake tin & preheat the oven.

2) Apart from the sugar, add all the dry ingredients to a container & stir well. Leave to the side.

3) cream the margarine & sugar together & add the olive oil.

4) Add the rest of the liquids (& soaked Cranberries) to the oil/sugar mixture & stir well.

5) Add half of the dry ingredients to the liquid and stir well. Fold in the remaining dry ingredients until they have been incorporated fully. 

6) Working quickly, tip the mixture into the greased or lined cake tin & spread evenly. Put into the oven.

7) Bake for 1hr or until a skewer comes out clean. The cake should spring when pressed gently.

8) Whilst the cake is cooling, make up the glaze. Gently poke some holes in the bottom of the cake with a skewer & spoon some of the liquid into the holes. Save half of glaze for later.

9) Once the cake is cool, turn out on a wire rack or plate. Spoon over the rest of the glaze & decorate.

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