Tinto de Verano – Spain

Approx Time to Make: 10 mins

Tinto de Verano is a refreshing combination of red wine and lemonade or soda. It’s what we drink in Spain in the summertime — usually instead of sangria.

Whilst we are talking wine, please remember that not all wine is vegan because of the ingredients used in the making (such as fish gall bladder). Barnivore.com is a great site to check whether your favourite brands of alcohol are vegan or not.

Tinto de Verano Ingredients:

🍷1 bottle (750 ml) of fruity red wine
🍷750 ml of lemon-flavored soda or equal parts lemonade and soda water or just soda.
🍷1 orange sliced
🍷1 lemon sliced
🍷200 ml of sweet vermouth (6 oz) Optional
🍷Ice cubes

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