Pisto (Spanish Stew)

What is Pisto?

Pisto is a hearty Spanish ‘stew’. It’s more reminiscent of ratatouille, but it’s finely chopped & sweeter.

I had a bumper crop of aubergines, tomatoes & garlic, so I didn’t use courgettes which are traditional ingredients in this dish.

It’s delicious with crusty bread or as a side.

Ingredients: What you Need

🍆 1 large aubergine. diced

🍆 1/2 tsp salt (for aubergine)

🍆 Good quality olive oil

🍆 1 large onion. peeled and diced

🍆 1 green pepper diced

🍆 2 garlic cloves, chopped finely

🍆 1 can crushed tomatoes or tomato ‘frito’ (or use blended fresh, like I did)

🍆 Salt & Pepper for seasoning

🍆 1 large courgette diced

The recipe often uses a sweetner such as ‘honey’, but as I used fresh tomatoes, I added a dash of ketchup


1. Dice the aubergine. cover in the salt for 15-20 mins to drain water & soften. Then rinse well & pat dry.

2. Sauté onions & peppers until soft & add garlic

3. Dice the courgettes (1 don’t pre-cook mine as I don’t like them soggy, I just add them to the simmer).

4. Sauté the aubergines until golden & soft

5. Add all ingredients to the pan with with the tomatoes & simmer until everything is tender .

Make sure you season to your liking .

Note : this dish , like many Spanish dishes is cooked in high quality olive oil

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