Vegan Feta Cheese Alternative

Approx Time to Make: 40 mins (+ time to soak nuts overnight)

For me Vegan Cheese is the one thing that has yet to be perfected … Well at least here in Spain. Therefore, I’ve decided to focus on some simple recipes that anyone can try. Here’s my vegan feta alternative recipe.

This is a fairly quick, yet tasty recipe, that I used to make a lot… But then I fell into the trap of buying shop bought vegan feta, because I thought it was easier.

However after cooking pastries recently, with shop bought vegan feta, & seeing it evaporate into an oily film; I realised it’s probably best (& healthier) to start making my own again.


🧀 100g blanched almonds (the skins come off easily after being soaked in water overnight)
🧀 185ml unsweetened almond milk
🧀 1 tbsp coconut milk
🧀 2 tbsp agar powder
🧀 1/4 tsp citric acid (or 2 tbsp lemon juice however remember to reduce the almond milk by this amount to keep the liquid to solid ratio consistent)
🧀 1 tsp salt
🧀 Herbs & Olive Oil to coat


1️⃣ Soak the almonds in water overnight (removing skins)
2️⃣ Add them to a blender (bullet extension works best for me) along with the other ingredients and pulse until you have a smooth mixture.
3️⃣ Add the mixture to a non-stick pan on medium low heat.  Keep stirring until the liquid thickens to a soft paste.
4️⃣ Put into a oiled rectangular container (such as a Tupperware) & into the fridge to set
5️⃣ When chilled, cut into small cubes, drizzle with olive oil & roll in herbs herbs

Tags: Comfort Food – Dairy Free – Low Fat

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