Vegan Spanish Chorizo

Approx Time to Prep: 15 mins (+ 1hr to Steam)

You may, or not be a fan of faux meat, but Chorizo is one of those ingredients that just goes so well with so many things – you’ll definitely be a fan of this recipe. From Spanish Rice to Pizza; from Tapas to Paella this is a sure-fire winner.

There are a lot of really good recipes out there, & this recipe is my version of a chorizo recipe using TVP by Vegan on Board & a Salami recipe using Vegan Cheeze by Seitan Society. Putting elements of each together, I came up with… a gorgeous tasting spicy sausage recipe.


🌶️10 tbs Wheat Gluten (VWG)
🌶️6 tbs dried TVP **
🌶️4 TSP Smoked Sweet Paprika
🌶️2 TSP Smoked Spicy 🔥 paprika
🌶️2 TSP Oregano
🌶️2-3 TSP garlic granules (or use fresh crushed)
🌶️2-3 TSP onion granules
🌶️ 1 TSP Crushed fennel seeds
🌶️ 2 TSP powdered agar agar

🌶️1/4 cup Beetroot Juice
🌶️1/4 cup red wine
🌶️ 1/4 cup water *
🌶️2 tbs of vegan Worcestershire sauce (I cannot buy it here, so I ended up using some soy sauce mixed with Marmite stock 🤷🏼‍♀️

🌶️ Vegan hard cheese grated & chopped up into very small pieces. I used Violife parmesan, which worked well.

* If using wet mince then reduce liquid
** Liquid quantity is approx, add more if needed


🥄Mix all dry ingredients together
🥄 Add the finely chopped cheeze to the dry ingredients.
🥄Mix all wet ingredients together
🥄Combine wet & dry ingredients, until well mixed into a springy ‘dough’
🥄 Form the mixture into 3 sausages & wrap in baking paper or tin foil, sealing the ends securely
🥄Steam in a steamer or similar for 1 hour. I always rotate mine half way through.
🥄 Chill in the fridge overnight before eating to let the Seitan settle.

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