Healthy Banoffee Pie Breakfast Pots

Prep Time 20 mins

Serves 4

After making Black Forest Cake Breakfast pots recently, I’m prepping some Healthy Banoffee Pie pots.

Made with a home-made toasted Granola base, date caramel, banana chia pudding & soya yoghurt topping.


🍌 1.5 cups of Granola (I make my own)

🍌 8-10 dates, soaked in hot water overnight & then blended into a smooth caramel (remember de-stone)

🍌 1/2 cup of chia seeds

🍌 2 ripe Bananas mashed

🍌 1 Banana sliced thinly for top

🍌 1 cup of plant milk

🍌 Soya Yoghurt or creme to top, plus chocolate sprinkles


1) Split the granola between four bowls to create a base for each pie

2) Pour a layer of date caramel into each one

3) Make up the banana his pudding, by: mashing the bananas & milk. Then stir in the chia seeds thoroughly. Top each glass/pot, with chia pudding.

4) Thinly slice the third banana & decorate each pudding. Then add a spoon of soya yoghurt _ sprinkle of pure cocoa

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