Som Tam – Thai Green Papaya Salad

On our trips to Asia, one of our favourite sides, is Thai Green Papaya Salad.

With a current glut of Papaya right now here on the Costa Tropical, what better to accompany a Thai meal?

Green Papaya are difficult to find, so you could substitute kohlrabi or a mild White Turnip.

If you can’t find Green Papaya (it’s not easy to find) you could try Kolrabi or a mild White Turnip.

This is my veganised version of the typical Thai Salad,  Som Tam:


🌶️ 2 tbsp garlic , roughly chopped or use paste

🌶️ 4-6 bird eye chillies, , roughly chopped with/without seeds (use fewer for less spicy)

🌶️ 2 TBS Agave or similar

🌶️ 1/4 cup Rice vinegar (sub white wine vinegar or lime juice as alternatives)

🌶️ 1/2 cup Soy Sauce /Tamari


🌶️ 1 cup roasted Peanuts , unsalted. Smashed for topping

🌶️ 20 French/Green Beans , cut in 5cm/2″ pieces (raw) save some for topping.

🌶️ 2 cups carrot grated/shredded

🌶️ 4 cups green papaya , grated/shredded, TIGHTLY packed cups (1 large Papaya)

🌶️ 1/2 cup Thai basil leaves (or Cilantro)

🌶️ Lime slices optional


1) Mix up the ingredients for the sauce & leave to one side

2) Mix up all the salad ingredients apart from the peanuts, some beans & some basil/cilantro

3) Pour the sauce over the salad & stir well

4) Top with the toppings & slices of lime, then serve

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